If the face of a man was a portrait of his personality

It would be blue, now red, now safe

Some would be abstract and open to interpretation,

Some fearful,

Others sweet and beautiful,

Others faceless,

If the eyes of a man held the expression of his heart

They would shine bright, now dark, now wicked

Wicked for he could see to the very depths of your soul

Wicked, for his smile could melt the heart of a goddess

His words like sweet nectar, will trap…

Flip a coin, and his passions fiery and fearful, not for the faint of heart

Will be the oppressor,

But if his eyes could betray the extent of his conduct,

There will be no lilies trapped in webs of poisonous honey

For they would fleet away in an instant

And all will be plain as day.

-Nemi B

Food for thought

Transcending-Culture“That which is external only has as much influence as we choose to give it. Struggle comes so we can transcend our limiting beliefs in order to bring about change…so that we can soar.”

-Nemi Boyo



Image Credit: http://www.themindfulword.org/2016/transcending-culture-from-separation-to-oneness/

I feel, so I’m alive

to-be-aliveAt least I can see the trees,
And I feel, so I’m alive,
And I can touch the drops… they fall against my pane,
And no I am not alone, because the wind responds,
The echoes are my own, my own, my own,

The silence bids me softly so that I can sleep,
And even though there is struggle,
To my strength I keep,
You’re weak if you give up, and not because you cry
You’re weak if you give in, and not because you sigh.window-tree

I feel, so I’m alive,
From my bed I see the trees,

And even though there is struggle,
To my strength I keep,
And no I’m not alone, because the wind responds,
The echoes are my own, my own, my own.

-Nemi Boyo


Image Credit (retrieved from): http://www.dingtwist.com/to-be-alive/

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remembering“I promise you, once you can find the strength to break away from negativity,
be it in the form of people, an environment, or your own thoughts, you’ll discover the world anew. Sometimes it’s not about finding yourself, because you already did, it’s about remembering who you are.”

-Nemi Boyo


Image credit (retrieved from): http://www.swordofthespirit.net/bulwark/april2012p17.htm


When your life is in transition you will need to let go of a lot of people because you can’t take everyone with you. You will need to be fierce about that which you must attain, and until you do, you must advance boldly. If you trip along the way, dust your clothes and carry on because you have to complete the journey.

-Nemi Boyo

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Get Back Up