A day with laughter

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Like a vessel full of wine,
Like a bird with song,
Like the roses in the morning sky,
Such is a day with laughter.

-Nemi Boyo



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The mirage by night

Wine-puring-from-bottle-into-a-glassSwirls of aromatic wine,
Spicy, dry, full bodied and awake,
Laughter, decadent, and yet checked,
Emotions touring high until they burst into passion like exploding pillars,
Serenading music, with tones on wings that soar…
Whispering words that swiftly lift the spirits,
A touch that comforts, a voice that soothes…
Assurance lingers until the dawn creeps in to peep,
And like a mirage all dissipates, fading as if it was, and always…a dream,
Eyes twinkling blue, now grey, and now green,
A picture of the mind?
Or a picture real and true?
For he vanishes by the light of the sun,
And never does his face see morn’
But always does he leave behind, picturesque dreams and visions of hope.

-Nemi Boyo


Image credit: hendersonparkinn.com