“A canvas on which a path you can create…”


By: Nemi-B

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If the face of a man was a portrait of his personality

It would be blue, now red, now safe

Some would be abstract and open to interpretation,

Some fearful,

Others sweet and beautiful,

Others faceless,

If the eyes of a man held the expression of his heart

They would shine bright, now dark, now wicked

Wicked for he could see to the very depths of your soul

Wicked, for his smile could melt the heart of a goddess

His words like sweet nectar, will trap…

Flip a coin, and his passions fiery and fearful, not for the faint of heart

Will be the oppressor,

But if his eyes could betray the extent of his conduct,

There will be no lilies trapped in webs of poisonous honey

For they would fleet away in an instant

And all will be plain as day.

-Nemi B

Every day is beautiful

Distant beats arouse my feet so with the ground they meet,
The sands of Porto da Barra sift through my toes, Warm from the heat of the Bahiana sun,
The ocean sprays upon my face; the air is fresh with salt…
Água de côco cool and sweet, like the beats of OlodumOlodum
Ah Olodum! You know the pathway to my heart
The beats entice, so hips sway restless and feet move in samba formation,
Seduced by Caipirinha Capoeira dancers line the streets,
My heart skips a jolly beat because it’s alive,
The music, the dancing, the laughter, the singing,
Celebrating life “todos os dias é bonita”


Porto da Barra: a beach in Salvador
Bahiana: from the state of Bahia
Água de côco: Coconut water
Olodum: African- Brazilian Percussive group
Caipirinha: Brazil’s national cocktail made with a distilled alcohol known as Cachaça, sugar, and lime
Capoeira: Brazilian martial art that combines dance, music and acrobatics
Todos os dias é bonita: Every day is beautiful


Image Credit: http://www.copa2014.gov.br/pt-br/noticia/olodum-araketu-e-margareth-menezes-se-destacam-na-fan-fest-de-natal

Food for thought

Transcending-Culture“That which is external only has as much influence as we choose to give it. Struggle comes so we can transcend our limiting beliefs in order to bring about change…so that we can soar.”

-Nemi Boyo



Image Credit: http://www.themindfulword.org/2016/transcending-culture-from-separation-to-oneness/

Sociopathic Amusement

eyeThe words, they rush like a bubbling stream,
Enchanting, soothing just like a dream
Alas! The clock wakes all hidden lusts,
The mask slips suddenly, behold the truth!
But is it truth or falsities created,
Did that really happen or is it in your head?
Actions not matching with words…
Today charming he arrives, but ‘morrow brings him wicked,
He leaves, he stays, or so he says,
Playing heart strings like metal smiths do rings,
Now warm and laughing, now cold and stiff,
With eyes that pierce your very soul,
Unsettling the calm and birthing mischief,
All for amusement and nothing but…
A tangled web from the words he weaves,
A string of confusion behind he leaves,
Reason with him not, you’ll think you’re crazy,
Cut your losses, don’t be hazy
When down that stormy path you gaze you’ll shake your head,
But truly sleep soundly in your bed.

-Nemi Boyo


Image Credit: Original source unknown (google images)

The mirage by night

Wine-puring-from-bottle-into-a-glassSwirls of aromatic wine,
Spicy, dry, full bodied and awake,
Laughter, decadent, and yet checked,
Emotions touring high until they burst into passion like exploding pillars,
Serenading music, with tones on wings that soar…
Whispering words that swiftly lift the spirits,
A touch that comforts, a voice that soothes…
Assurance lingers until the dawn creeps in to peep,
And like a mirage all dissipates, fading as if it was, and always…a dream,
Eyes twinkling blue, now grey, and now green,
A picture of the mind?
Or a picture real and true?
For he vanishes by the light of the sun,
And never does his face see morn’
But always does he leave behind, picturesque dreams and visions of hope.

-Nemi Boyo


Image credit: hendersonparkinn.com