“A canvas on which a path you can create…”


By: Nemi-B

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Food for thought

Transcending-Culture“That which is external only has as much influence as we choose to give it. Struggle comes so we can transcend our limiting beliefs in order to bring about change…so that we can soar.”

-Nemi Boyo



Image Credit: http://www.themindfulword.org/2016/transcending-culture-from-separation-to-oneness/

As all things soon come to be

Calm and still is the night’s sky,
An owl hoots softly with glowing eyes haunting,
The rustle of wings,
Seeking prey,
A rough scuffle,
And then silence as all things soon come to be.

-Nemi Boyo

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Venture Forth

On days like this the sky is blue,
The sand is warm, the ocean too,
The grains they sift beneath my feet,
The wind it sings to my heartbeat,
So bundle up your deepest fears,
Cast it far where no one cares,
Venture forth where nothing dares,
And live with joy for many years.

-Nemi Boyo

The wanderer

It is indeed not all who wander that are lost (J.R.R Tolkien, 1954).
But all who succumb to the will of others, overlooking the reality- be it due to ignorance or fear- that it is they who will bear the consequences, they alone, and no one else.

-Nemi Boyo

The domination of messaging in interpersonal relationships

When society tries to use text messaging as a “major” form of communication for “in depth” conversations, this opens the door to misinterpretations, misunderstandings, and arguments that would have been avoided had one person picked up the phone to actually call.
Calling does not make you look desperate or needy; it just means you value your own time. We play foolish games on the time span that should be left between messages and rules about who is weak if they called first. We need to grow up as a people because communication is not a game, it is in fact a means of connecting and if we tamper with this, then we are lost.