The perverted stranger

Earlier today, I was just around the corner from the bank when someone cut in front of me blocking my path on his bicycle. I had been actively messaging a few friends on my phone while listening to a Portuguese song by João Lucas and Diogo (yes, I am one of those people who can’t put their phone away for a second). I looked up irritated and upon catching my unpleasant stare the stranger quickly and clumsily moved out of my way muttering “I’m sorry.”

I said something that sounded a bit like a combination of uhuh and ‘kay and returned to my phone screen as I continued on my way. I was now about fifteen feet away from the entrance to the bank and just as I made a right turn in that direction, the whoosh sound of a bicycle caught up to me and before I could make any sense of what was happening, I felt a hand squeeze my backside and I automatically yelled “WHAT THE HELL?!” the perverted stranger who was now laughing to himself, quickly rode away and ducked before I even thought to smack him with my bag.

An SUV was parked next to the sidewalk, and I caught a faint glimpse of the driver chuckling delightedly to himself. He had seen it all. Another man sat with his back turned away from the scene on a bench just a few feet ahead and had promptly wheeled round when I yelled, but he looked puzzled as he had not witnessed the spectacle.

I felt extremely violated and upset. It was in no way funny to me and no I was not dressed provocatively. It wasn’t long before my anger and frustration quickly turned to shame, even though I had no reason to be ashamed. The pervert on the bicycle should have been the one ashamed, the man in the SUV who thought it was a delightful scene should have been the one ashamed, yet I was the one who was embarrassed and not them.

What is society turning into?

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I am from a diverse background and I spent the early part of my life in the bustling city of Lagos and later moved to New York. I love travelling because it opens up a whole new perspective of the world around us. I have also studied abroad in France, China, England, Brazil and briefly lived in Ghana. Because of my love for culture and the unusual, through travel I have broken down the walls of nationalism, and I have come to see myself as a world citizen. I write to dream. The art of writing makes me feel free because it is an art in which there are no limits to where my mind can go, and in this I find comfort. I have completed the first draft of my first novel and I seek to eventually publish it. Although I have never published any of my work, writing is something that has always dwelt within me, and I always hoped that one day I will be brave enough to share my work with the world. © 2015 Nemi Boyo. Unauthorized use and/duplication of the material on this site is strictly prohibited. All written work has been copyrighted. All rights reserved unless otherwise stated. Excerpts and links may be used provided that full and clear credit is given to Nemi Boyo.

2 thoughts on “The perverted stranger”

  1. On twitter the hashtag #YouOkSis is riddled with women telling similar stories, frankly it is disheartening. It is rather sickening that men think this is okay behavior, chuckling about it. Speaks to how men in general treat and view women in our society and why feminism, more than ever, needs to be an integral part of our daily discourse.

    As men we have so much to unlearn with regards to our respect for women, micro-aggressions we pass their way daily without thought, due to our deep seated socialisation in patriarchy and sexism. We should be doing so much more to discourage such behaviour amongst our kind. Not chuckling in amusment.

    In 2015, the 21st century, with all the technological advancements in all spheres of human development, that a woman, a human being, cannot go about her day without the threat of hassarment due to her gender, is a disgrace to our humanity.

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